Evans slams Crawley cash claims

But following the report in Sunday's Non League Paper, he told the BBC Non League Show: "It's a load of rubbish.

"It's full of ill-truths, it's not true and it's not how we work the system at Crawley Town."

He continued: "Nothing's changed since the summer when we were given some transfer funds and an appropriate budget to compete at the top.

"We recommend players and the board then make a decision."

The Red Devils are top of the table after 13 games and Evans expects them to improve further.

He said: "We believe it'll be January or February before the squad starts to gel and mature together. If this was January and I was offered some transfer funds, I'd say 'no' because I'm delighted with the squad we've got."

But he did add: "We're always looking for players. Principally, we've got three people that work a lot of hours for us. We've got a lot of others who try to help. We're always looking to better what we have got. That process is quite thorough, it's more than one person looking.

"First our chief scout goes, then we have a second representative go and give an opinion and we take a balance on the two."

When asked who is bank-rolling the club, he said: "I don't know who they are. All I know is that Bruce Winfield has a massive investment in the club, as does Susan Carter. And Bruce has a couple of associates that he has known for 10 years. My relationship and dealings are purely with Bruce and Susan."

Will Crawley be the most unpopular Conference champions ever? Or just since Boston?


But when asked if this was against Football Association rules, he added: "Bruce is the majority shareholder and the majority of the money comes from Bruce and Susan. The board are very honourable people."

And he denied claims that their long-term future could be put in doubt by their spending spree.

"There is no war chest," he said. "My understanding from Bruce is that the money for Project Promotion has been put in the bank for 12 months. We don't owe any other club a penny, they've all been paid within seven days."

Evans also laughed off claims that he could become the next Lincoln boss or that Steve Coppell could replace him at the Broadfield Stadium.

Source: BBC Sport